Professional Dog & Cat Grooming for Less!

At Paws 2 Groom in Longmont, we pride ourselves in "Making Your Pets, Look their Best".

We offer Full Grooming Services for Dogs & Cats
Plus, 6 Self Service Dog Wash Tubs

Call 303-776-4503 for a Grooming appointment.
Appointments are available Tuesday - Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Self Service Dog Wash available Tuesday - Saturday 8am to 5pm. Also open Sunday Afternoon Noon to 4pm. Last Dog Wash must start 1 Hour Prior to Closing. Grooming includes Shampoo, Nails, Pads, Glands and Deshedding.

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What to know about Paws 2 Groom

  • Affordable!

    We make bathing your pet easy and affordable. Only $10.00 for our Self Service Dog Wash Tubs. 6 Days a week.

  • Convenient

    We have 5 raised tubs and 1 lower shower stall. We also have stairs in case you have an older pet.

  • Supplies

    We supply Shampoo, towels and brushes ( Everything but the Dirty Dog!). We also have Shampoos and other bathing items available for sale at our store if needed.

  • Hours

    Self Service Dog Wash available Tuesday - Saturday 8am to 5pm. Also open Sunday Afternoon Noon to 4pm. Last Dog Wash must start 1 Hour Prior to Closing.

  • Appointments

    No walk-in Available. Call for an Appointment. Available Tuesdays - Saturday 8am to 1pm.
    CALL 303-776-4503 | Open til 5PM

  • Staff

    We always have 3 to 4 Professional groomers on staff. Plus additional staff to make your pets feel at ease and to enjoy their stay!

  • Shave Downs

    Summer Treat for Your Small or Large Breed Dog. Also if your dog or cat is severely matted. Offered in addition to our Full Service Grooming, your pet gets a complete shave down.

  • Nail Trims

    We offer $5.00 Nail Trims for Dogs or Cats - Walk In anytime. We Also offer Exotic Animal nail trims for Birds, Reptiles and Rodents!

  • Phone Number


  • Address

    800 S. Hover St
    Ste 45
    Longmont CO 80501

    Located Next to Hobby Lobby

  • Hours

    Hours Open

    Tues-Sat 8am to 5pm
    Grooming & Dog Wash
    Sunday 12pm to 4pm
    (Dog Wash Only)

  • Email

    Send an Email!
    Paws 2 Groom is
    Locally Owned & Operated!

Services & Products

  • Professional Grooming
  • Self Service Dog Wash
  • Nail Trims
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Shave Downs
  • Cat Grooming
  • Exotic Animal Nail Trims
  • Snacks and Treats
  • Travel Carriers
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Clipping Tools
  • Leashes & many other accessories

What our customers Say?

  • Paws to Groom is Wonderful. We always get the exact cut we want, They're affordable and always do a great job on our poodles! Kelly B., Longmont
  • I enjoy the do-it-yourself dogwash. They have everything at a great price! I traveled to C-Springs and needed to give my dog a bath and the place I went charged three times as much. A Google User
  • Paws 2 Groom has done a fantastic job on my Rottweiler mix for several years now, and he just loves coming in to see them. When I added new new shepherd/heeler mix puppy, they even gave me a discount because he's not full size yet! The groomers know us by sight, and really treat the dogs well. Seth T., Longmont
  • Took my toy poodle here the second time. The groomer, upon expressing and examining the anal glands, reported to me that she felt something unusual there, like a node or lump. I'm sooo glad she did, because it led to a good diagnoses the following week when the poodle was in pain and running a fever! The duct was infected. Marci M., Longmont

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